Check and ACH Positive Pay

Our free Check and ACH Fraud services (Positive Pay) help defend your organization against check and ACH fraud.

  • For checks, we use advanced methods for comparing check-paid items against issue information to identify discrepancies.
  • For ACH, you determine who is granted access to electronically debit your account.
  • Any suspect items are reported to you promptly through daily email alerts, with details easily accessible online.


  • Our Transaction Filter/Block enables you to set guidelines for monitoring ACH transactions to identify unusual activity. Monitoring rules can include the originating company, standard entry class, amount, and debit/credit designation.
  • Every ACH transaction presented for payment is scrutinized against the pre-determined rules to determine whether it warrants further review.  You will be notified any time an item merits additional examination.


  • Exact/TMS allows the bank to thoroughly and simply validate check payment.
  • Automatic Processing of Submitted Issued Check Files instantly processes issued check files in real time and stores the issued checks in the system.
  • Online Check Image Viewing allows you to view the front and back check images of exceptions and paid checks, which simplifies the decision-making process of daily exceptions as well as future research.

Questions? Contact our Treasury Management team at or call (231) 399-0475.


Check and ACH Fraud Protection is now available free for all State Savings Bank business customers. To activate this service for your account, complete the form below.

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