Software Updates

  • Check your computer operating system's automatic update settings to ensure you're receiving updates.
    • Software Updates come in the form of software "patches" that replace defective section of software code with corrected code. All software manufacturers issue patches either on a regular schedule or as defects are discovered.  Malware can infiltrate a computer through a software application that has not been patched.
  • Check your software programs for updates that may be available in the "Help" menu or on the software vendor's Web site.
  • Pay attention to pop-up messages within a program: these may be notices of available software updates.
  • Only apply updates from trusted sites. Beware of download requests from pop-ups or advertisements.
  • Create a new user on the computer that does not have administrative privileges and use that account for your primary logon when using the computer.  Limit administrative rights on users' workstations to help prevent the inadvertent downloading of malware or other viruses.
  • Pay particularly close attention to Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and Java updates. These applications are the most widely used and therefore most targeted.