Treasury/Cash Management

Our experienced treasury management team can provide the tools your business needs to effectively manage your cash flow. Services offered include electronic collections and disbursements, timely information controls, fraud mitigation and liquidity management.

Online Treasury Management
ACH Services
Wire Transfers
Remote Deposit
Positive Pay Services
Sweep Accounts
FDIC Insured Products


Contact our treasury management team to learn more about how easy it is to manage your business or organizational finances with the help of State Savings Bank. 

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Online Treasury Management

Online account management is easy with State Savings Bank’s online treasury management, also known as online cash management. Businesses can manage all of their accounts, create electronic payables and receivables, mitigate risk and generate reports—all from a single location. They’ll get comprehensive, up-to-the minute information quickly, from balance reports to payment solutions. A clear view of their cash position throughout the day can help them make informed investment decisions and better manage their working capital. 

With online treasury management, they can:

  • Access an integrated payments platform. In one place businesses can manage, monitor, and report on payments. They have the flexibility to initiate ACH transactions, wire transfers, and account transfers. 
  • Manage receivables quickly and easily. Access same-day images of check deposits through RDC and manage ACH collections.
  • Control exceptions to help reduce fraud. Decide on positive pay exception items, view information on returned deposits, and originate stop payments. 
  • Manage liquidity. Through information reporting, businesses can view opening, closing and interim balances, determine their cash position, and make decisions on investments and transfers. 


ACH Services

ACH Payments
Businesses save the time and the expense of writing, processing, mailing, and reconciling checks. Electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments is ideal for recurring payables such as payroll, expense reimbursements, vendor payments, pensions, taxes, and child support. ACH is also useful for one-time payments.


ACH Collections
Businesses can convert their receivables into working capital quickly. With automated clearing house (ACH) collections, they can eliminate the slow and time consuming process of collecting and processing recurring payments from customers. Collecting items through ACH also means fewer errors compared to traditional check methods. 


Wire Transfers

State Savings Bank’s online wire transfers provide a reliable, secure method for transferring domestic or USD international payments.  Dual approval and dollar limit controls provide added protection against fraud.


Remote Deposit 

With Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), a business can capture their receivables and make deposits to their State Savings Bank account from anywhere they do business. By connecting a scanner to a local PC and securely accessing the web-based solution, it allows a business the ability to scan checks and easily transmit balanced deposits to State Savings Bank, with a click of a button.

Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture: 
•    Retain control over deposits 
•    Easy-to-use system simplifies personnel training 
•    Later deposit deadlines provide greater flexibility to make same-day deposits
•    Quicker access to your receivables leading to improved working capital management 
•    Minimizes inconvenient trips to the bank.


Positive Pay Services

State Savings Bank can provide businesses solutions that help protect their organization against check and ACH fraud.  All suspect items are reported to you promptly through daily email alerts, with details easily accessible via online cash management.

  • For checks, we employ advanced methods for comparing check-paid items against issue information to identify discrepancies and ensure that only the checks you issue are paid. 
  • For ACH, the business determines who has access to electronically debit their account.


Sweep Accounts

Businesses can maximize excess balances when we “sweep” their available funds to an interest bearing account or a Line of Credit.

  • NOW Sweep. A NOW Sweep transfers the excess funds from an Analyzed Checking account into a NOW interest-bearing checking account. Businesses can use the NOW Sweep if they want an investment vehicle that acts like a NOW account, but want to maintain a balance to cover service fees in their primary operating account.
  • Line of Credit Sweep. Sweep funds in excess of the target balance out of an Analyzed Checking account to offset a loan amount. The Line of Credit Sweep can be set to pay down and advance balances. Line of Credit Sweeps can help businesses reduce interest expenses and cover outstanding debt.


FDIC-Insured Products
Keep large deposits insured with CDARS and ICS®. With both CDARS and ICS, you can access FDIC protection on multi-million dollar CD investments through State Savings Bank. CDARS and ICS can be a valuable cash management or longer-term investment tool.

Why CDARS and ICS?
It’s one-stop shopping. With help from CDARS and ICS, you can expect:

  • Safety – your money can access multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage.
  • Convenience – you work directly with us. You earn one interest rate, and receive one regular statement and one year-end tax form.
  • Community Investment – the full value of your money can support lending opportunities in your local community.
  • CD-Level and Money Market Rates – your money earns CD-level and Money Market returns, which may compare favorably with other investment alternatives, including Treasuries and money market funds.

How does CDARS and ICS work?
We are a member of a special network. When you place a large amount with us, we place your funds into CDs or Money Markets issued by other banks in the same network in increments of less than the standard FDIC insurance maximum, so that both principal and interest are eligible for complete FDIC protection. As a result, you can receive coverage from many banks while working with just one.

These exchanges, which occur on a dollar-for-dollar basis, can bring the full amount of your original deposit back to our bank. Your deposit is still local, which means we can make the full amount of your deposit available for community lending purposes.
What else should I know?
CDARS and ICS saves time. Now, you no longer have to spend time managing multiple bank relationships. Plus, you no longer need to monitor changing collateral values, and your confidential account information remains protected.
Ask us how CDARS/ICS can work for you the next time you visit one of our offices, or contact CDARS/ICS expert Molly VanderHorn at (231) 360-3665 or e-mail.

Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into the CDARS/ICS Deposit Placement Agreement, which contains important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds by us in amounts under the FDIC maximum. CDARS/ICS is a registered service mark of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC. Let us know if this benefit is important to you so we can explain the relevant terms and conditions in more detail.